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Volunteers Caring for the Trail

Mountain biker volunteers to help maintain the Trail

Volunteers of all ages and will all types of interests help The Colorado Trail Foundation maintain the Trail!

Below: It's all about teamwork!

A volunteer works on the Trail
Volunteers work together to move large downed tree
Trail crew volunteers receive training Grandfather and grandson work on a Trail crew
Crew member training with a view! Crew leaders thank volunteers
Volunteer and his dog set out to map the Trail Crew leaders thank volunteers
Horses and mules help haul equipment
A volunteer and his dog set out to map the Trail GPS waypoints.
Colorado Trail Foundation board of directors

Above: Even our four-legged friends get in on the action!

Left: The volunteer Board of Directors ensures that the Trail is well maintained.

New volunteer training Volunteer manages the CT store
New volunteer training Above: A volunteer manages the CT store.
Left: New volunteer training.
Mailing party Volunteer bookkeeper
Above left: A mailing party organizes and mails thousands of brochures about Colorado Trail Foundation summer programs.
Above right: A volunteer assists The Colorado Trail Foundation office by offering bookkeeping assistance.