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2014 Volunteer Trail Crew Schedule

  • Overview with 2014 crews general information and sign up process
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Crew Terms

Backpack-in: These crews are popular with energetic volunteers. Crew camp has no road access and volunteers backpack to camp. Pack animals are sometimes used to carry in group equipment and food. Other efforts are self-supported backpack crews where no group camp equipment is available and volunteer provide their own food and carry a tool to use. Backpack crews will sometimes move camp each day so they can work different portions of the trail. Communicate with the crew leader in advance for particulars.

Drive-in: Base camp is normally accessible by conventional auto and a high-clearance 4wd shouldn't be needed.

Jeep-in: Base camp is accessible only by 4wd vehicle, where high clearance and low range gearing may be necessary.


Crew #
Crew Name
Ranger District
Description of Work and Base Camp including Elevation and Colorado Trail Segment Number
2014 Weeklong Trail Crews

Crew 0114
Sargents Mesa
Sagauche RD

June 21 – 28
John and Betsy Sylvester

Jeep-in: Volunteers will rebuild this section of trail, now an old jeep road, and camp on Sargents Mesa near the "Soldierstone" memorial honoring veterans of the Vietnam war years. Elevation 11,616'  Segment 17.

Crew 0214
Tincup Pass Rd.
Salida RD

July 12 – 19
Bill Carpenter

Jeep-in: To assist this year's grand opening of a new 22-mile section of the Collegiate West, volunteers will toughen this section for its first hiking season. Elevation 11,000'  Segment CW04.

Crew 0314
Windy Peak
Gunnison RD

July 19 – 26
Steve Stadler

Jeep-in: Volunteers will restore an unusually steep and rocky section of the CT/CDNST between Windy Peak and Tank Seven.  Camp will be south of the old, Chester ghost town site. Elevation 10,900'  Segment 16.

Crew 0414
Tunnel Gulch
Salida RD

July 19 – 26
Loren Woods

Backpack: Leave the cars. Camp and work near the historic Alpine Tunnel along the abandoned Midland Terminal Railroad.  The crew will rebuild this part of the Collegiate West, both CT and CDNST. Elevation 11,600'  Segment CW04.

Crew 0514
Texas Creek
Gunnison RD

July 26 – Aug. 2
Bill Carpenter

Jeep-in: Camp in a beautiful meadow at the end of the Texas Creek jeep road. This volunteer team will upgrade the old Texas Creek trail for its 2014 grand opening as CT/CDNST, a reroute that eliminates many 'road' miles. Elevation 10,000'  Segment CW02.

Crew 0614
Middle Fork
Salida RD

August 2 – 9
Tom Brooksher
Scott and Laura Smith

Jeep-in: Build new trail to move this part of the Collegiate West off the road. Camp is at the Boss Lake Trailhead near scenic Monarch Pass. Elevation 10,500'  Segment CW05.

Crew 0714
South Texas Creek
Gunnison RD

August 2 – 9
Paul Smith

Backpack: From Cottonwood Pass 'hike in' 3 miles and camp at a beautiful lake. Volunteers will upgrade the old South Texas Creek trail as part of the 22-mile reroute that opens in 2014. Elevation 10,500'  Segment CW02.

Crew 0814
Middle Fork
Salida RD

August 9 – 16
Glenn Kepler

Jeep-in: Description same as Crew 0614 above.

2014 Weekend Trail Crews

Crew WE1
Gudy Gaskill Bridge
South Platte RD

June 15 (one day only)
Loren Woods

Drive-in: Easy intro; come join the fun. This one-day crew will accomplish key work on the hillside just west of the Gudy Gaskill Bridge across the South Platte River. Picnic lunch will be provided. Elevation 6,200'  Segment 2.

Crew WE2
Women Only Crew
Leadville RD

June 20 – 23
Cindy Johnson

Drive-in: Amidst big mountains including fourteeners, volunteers will repair a rain-damaged section of CT/CDNST, camping near the ghost town of Winfield. Elevation 10,000'  Segment CW02.

Crew WE3
Avalanche TH
Salida RD

July 11 – 13
Paul Smith

Drive-in: Camping near Cottonwood Pass Road, this crew will refurbish the CT north toward the saddle of Mt. Yale and replace a small bridge near the trailhead. Elevation 9,500'  Segment 13.


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