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Planning a Trip on The Colorado Trail

The Colorado Trail is divided into 28 segments. If you are planning an excursion on The Colorado Trail, we recommend that you utilize one or more of the following:

Below are maps of The Colorado Trail to give you a feel for the Trail's general location. Click on the maps to view larger versions of the maps. Below the map are links to additional trip planning resources.


Colorado Trail Poster

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Click here to download and print map (high resolution image).




Colorado Trail Trip Planning Resources

Planning a trip of The Colorado Trail, especially if you are planning to do a through-hike, may require a lot of advance preparation and research. Additional trip planning resources are listed below; click on a heading to go to the complete list of resources.

Hike/Backpack and Hiking Groups Transportation and Shuttles
Mountain Bike and Biking Groups Federal Agencies
Equestrian and Equestrian Groups Colorado State Agencies
Pack Animals and Pack Animal Resources Cartographic Information
Trail Resources by Segment GPS Information
U S Forest Service Trails Organizations
Wilderness Areas Other Organizations
Weather Conditions Recommended Reading on Hiking in Colorado
Chambers of Commerce and Visitors Centers near The Colorado Trail