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Waterton Canyon Closure & CT Segment 1 Alternative

WATERTON CANYON IS OPEN. It reopened April 23, 2012 and further closures are not expected.

Waterton Canyon was closed for most of August 2, 2010 through April 22, 2012. The closure facilitated dredging and silt removal from Strontia Springs Reservoir and was handled by Denver Water, the organization who has jurisdiction and administers Waterton Canyon.

Singletrack and Dogs RouteWaterton Canyon is a gravel road, a nice route that travels alongside the South Platte River where wildlife is abundant and often seen. The road is closed to public vehicles but open to administrative vehicles, of which there are normally few. Even though it is a road, many users enjoy this section of the CT. But, some users desire an alternative to Waterton Canyon. Maybe you'd rather travel on singletrack. Or, maybe you have a dog and want a route open to dogs. Dog owners click here for the Dogs page on this site. If you'd rather avoid the Waterton Canyon road section, you can choose the alternate trail approach to the East end of Segment 1 and begin instead at the Indian Creek Trailhead accessible via CO Hwy 67 west of Sedalia.  From here you can travel 4.4 miles of singletrack, open to dogs, and connect to CT mile 7.9 at Lenny's Rest Bench in the middle of CT Segment 1 via the West Leg of the Indian Creek “Equestrian” Loop Trail. This is described on the CT Segment 1 Map entitled Singletrack and Dogs Route” – click here to download.

Another alternative would be to skip CT Seg. 1 entirely. Users could begin at the division point between CT Segments 1 and 2 "South Platte Canyon," along Foxton Road (County Road 96/97) that connects Conifer and Deckers. See the Official Guidebook of The Colorado Trail Foundation for detail on CT segments, access points and other aspects of The Colorado Trail.

For additional information you can email the CTF office in Golden,, or phone (303) 384-3729.